Go on a Brewery Tour – Lakefront Brewery

In Chicago, $7 will buy you a sandwich and…and…yep, just the sandwich.  A mediocre one.  Maybe you’ll get some little mustard packets.

In Milwaukee, $7 will buy you a heck of a lot more.  Enter Lakefront Brewery, stage left.  Adam and I spent last weekend in Mil-town and kicked it off with a stop at this fine establishment.

For seven buckeroos you get four tokens for a 6 oz 8 oz pour, plus a coupon for a free beer at any one of the neighboring bars.  Adam had 5 to my 3, but we both agreed that the Wheat Monkey Ale and the RiverWest Amber Lager were uh-maz-ing.

These guys had us from hello:

  • They gave us beer BEFORE the tour.
  • Beer drinking along the way was encouraged.
  • Plenty of raunchy jokes from the tour guide
  • Pit stop along the way for more beer (I tried the Cream City Pale Ale…also delicious).
At the end of the tour, they let us out onto a patio to chill out and enjoy being along the river on a beautiful day.
When they had me thinking it could not get any better, I got to exchange my plastic cup for a free pint glass.  Yipee! One more for my collection – Wisconsin!

Milwaukee – One.
Chicago – Zip.

About Aimee

I'm a 25-year old living & working in the ol' Windy City while chipping away at my bucket list. My blog chronicles my adventures :)
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2 Responses to Go on a Brewery Tour – Lakefront Brewery

  1. Meg S says:

    Lakefront is my FAVORITE tour of any tour I have ever taken. My siblings (who graduated from Marquette) have been on it probably dozens of times and they love it every time. Thanks for posting about a fantastic tour.

    • 6307barrowa says:

      Meg – Thanks for visiting my blog! US too ~ Adam and I are scheming to go back up there soon. I graduated from Marquette too, and can you believe I never once did this as a student?! I’m discovering all of these Milwaukee gems post-graduation 🙂


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