Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As far as being more flexible goes..I will say that I’m surprised.  Instead of planning everything in advance, it was nice to have let everyone’s IBDI’s (I’d Be Disappointed Ifs…) run the show.

IBDI….we didn’t get a cupcake at that elusive sweet shop.  Marc and my mom had wanted to to try a cupcake at the sweet shop they had stumbled upon when moving him in, but were unable to retrace their steps.  After becoming more familiar with Philly, Marc found it again and waited until mom could pay for his cupcake we all could go there together.  We picked them up before dinner and enjoyed them in the hotel room as a late night treat 🙂

IBDI….we didn’t get to poke around the historic landmarks in downtown Philly.   Since the Constitution Center has a general admission ticket plus timed entries to other free exhibits (like Independence Hall), my mom used the hotel internet service to get them on Friday night.  I love to read all of the inscriptions underneath the artifacts in museums (NERD ALERT!), so I was so happy that we spent most of Saturday exploring the exhibits.

IBDI…we didn’t make it to the Reading Terminal Market.  My Food Network-loving mother really wanted to eat lunch at the Reading Terminal Market, a hybrid of a farmer’s market and a Food Network-caliber food court, where you have to reference hanging “street” signs to navigate through the hungry crowds.  I went light with some sushi for lunch & then heavy with some ice cream from Bassett’s ice cream…one scoop pumpkin and one scoop of cinnamon 🙂

IBDI…I didn’t run the “Rocky” steps like a shameless tourist.  Scratch that.  I’d have been crushed if I got back on that plane and didn’t have a chance to sing “Duh duh duhhhhhhh…duhh duh duhhhhh”.  Luckily, my brother was a willing videographer 🙂  Check out the video here!

IBDI…we didn’t check out the boat houses along the river.  My mom had heard about a path along the river that offered great views of these 19th century boat houses and suggested this as a nice relaxing way to spend Sunday before we headed back to the airport.

One more state down!

About Aimee

I'm a 25-year old living & working in the ol' Windy City while chipping away at my bucket list. My blog chronicles my adventures :)
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4 Responses to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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  4. Charlotte says:

    oh man, I am THE POKIEST person in a museum. my dad and I take the cake for sloooowly walking through the museum, reading every. last. thing.


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