Collect My Loose Change

The other day, there was a “delivery” that appeared outside my door.  Hmmmm….what the heck?!

Change!  Wahoo!  (Thnx, Mom :))

I’ve started to collect change in this old water bottle, and fighting the temptation to raid it for Metra station parking fees.  I haven’t decided on where the $ goes when it’s full, but I want the charitable cause to be in sync with the message of this blog.  Maybe the Make a Wish Foundation – any suggestions?!

About Aimee

I'm a 25-year old living & working in the ol' Windy City while chipping away at my bucket list. My blog chronicles my adventures :)
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4 Responses to Collect My Loose Change

  1. Jenny says:

    “Make a Wish” is a good one. I also have been looking into “One”. I get their FB posts. I am impressed with it.

  2. Dad says:

    I guess I know where all my change went~


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