New Name, Same Ol’ Me

Hi Everyone! Quick administrative update.

I’ve been contemplating changing the name of my blog for some time, but struggled to come up with an alternate name that I liked.  The reason for the switch is two fold:  (1) put quite simply–I outgrew the old name, and (2) I wanted a URL that actually matched the title of my blog.  When Je Suis Aimée had a web address of, the extra “2” bugged me.

With the help of a close friend, I’ve decided on the new name–The Other A-List.  It’s super creative, so brace yourself 😉

A…Because I’m Aimee

List…Because I have one.

And “Other”….Because I have no business being on the same list as Jennifer Aniston.

All prior posts and content from Je Suis Aimée should be housed on the new site,  Followers should still receive updates via email, but you’ll be 401’d if you click on any old Je Suis Aimée links.

I hope you understand my need for a change, and please pardon my dust as I work out a few last kinks in the transfer.


About Aimee

I'm a 25-year old living & working in the ol' Windy City while chipping away at my bucket list. My blog chronicles my adventures :)
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