Learn More About My Grandparents’ Lives – 90 Years in Review

A few weekends ago, we celebrated Grandma Peggy’s birthday. Friends and family gathered at her neighborhood clubhouse where we looked at the numerous picture displays, shared a luncheon, and toasted her 90 years!

DSC06226 (1)

photo (12)

In looking over the picture boards on display, I was surprised to find out a few facts about my grandma:

  • She was the secretary of the Civil Air Patrol (my grandpa Bob was a member). This picture was taken at American Airport, which became Douglas Airport and is now known as O’Hare International.


  • She oil painted over GI’s black and white photos so that the GI’s parents could have a color photo of their son. This picture was taken in 1944 at Fort Leonard Studio on the army base.


  • She was one of the finalists in a Fort Hood pin-up girl competition and sewed the gold bikini she wore for the contest.

On the way to the pin-up competition


Wearing the infamous handmade golden bikini.


  • I found three pictures that I absolutely love of my grandmother. I didn’t know that these existed until I saw them on display at the party. Isn’t she beautiful?!

IMG_6998 IMG_6994 IMG_6991

The entire afternoon was lovely and my grandma was very moved to see all of us gathered in honor of her very full life!

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I'm a 25-year old living & working in the ol' Windy City while chipping away at my bucket list. My blog chronicles my adventures :)
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