Paddy’s Fight Club [Learn a Martial Art, Cambodia]

When we rode our bikes through the Angkor temples (in case you missed it), we met two Phnom Penh residents–an Australian girl and her Swedish roommate.  They were so friendly and gave us various recommendations of what to do when we rolled into Phnom Penh.  One of the things that they suggested was…wait for it…kick boxing at Paddy’s Fight Club.

A few days later, on the long bus ride from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, we all agreed that kickboxing was just what we needed to let off some steam and lift our spirits.  Plus, with a name like Paddy’s Fight Club, how could we not go?!

As we crossed the threshold of the hole-in-the-wall gym, the great idea we had on the bus suddenly seemed like a terrible idea.  These people were serious boxers and I was sure they would pulverize me…were the Australian and the Swede joking when they suggested this?!  We shyly made our way to the desk at the back where we paid our $6 (cost per lesson, every night at 7pm), and started stretching.

Around 6:45, a couple of the serious boxers that were practicing before grouped us newbies into little pods and took us to a separate section of the gym to teach us some moves.  We mostly just did drills and then got some 1:1 time with the instructor to do what we had learned on his command.

1-2…1-2…1-2-3-4. Kick right.  Kick left.  Hiiiiiiiya!!!!!

I felt like the bad ass that I’m not.  I was in love.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4



Back at the hotel that night, I sent an email to Chase: “Let’s start kickboxing”.

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