The background…

I graduated from college in December of 2009, and started a finance job in downtown Chicago.  After a year of long train commutes and clocking countless hours with Excel spreadies, I was bored and cranky.  I needed a creative outlet (and pronto), so I started reading and writing a lot on the train rides to and from the city.

The inspiration…

An aunt suggested a book for my commutes, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. The book is essentially a reflective autobiography, and its message is simple: you should live your life as if you are weaving a story worth re-telling.  Make your character work hard to achieve goals.  Choose a great supporting cast.  Create memorable scenes in your life.   That was the part that struck me–the memorable scenes.  I remembered the bucket list I had written my junior year of high school and realized that the items on that list were “scenes” I wanted in my life story.

The blog…

The need for a creative outlet (for sake of my sanity) and this inspiration from Donald Miller, led me to blogging about completing my bucket list.  It has been exciting for me to do something that I actually enjoy and to explore all of the possibilities of blogging.  So thank you for visiting!  I hope you enjoy it, and that you read again soon and often!

A little bit about me…

I’m in my element when…I’m hiking, traveling, or hanging out with my family.

Favorite things to eat…Tomatoes, almond butter, strawberries, and chicken, but not together.

Diet philosophy…I. Eat. Real. Food.  Why people eat low-fat peanut butter and “diet” yogurt is beyond me (used to be one of them and will never go back).  I also haven’t met a vegetable that I didn’t like.

On my bookshelf… The Power of One, The Alchemist, anything by Harlan Coben, Memoirs of a Geisha…this list goes on 🙂

I am saving for…My savings account is labeled “Machu Picchu”.  Seriously.  Someday….

My friends would tell you…That I talk to strangers.  That I am a klutz and have a lot of inexplicable bruises.  That I am a total goofball.

What I wish I could tell my teenaged-self…“Knock it off.  You’re not fat.” – or –  “Have a little more confidence in yourself.”

My brothers and I at a parade

1 Response to About

  1. Jenny Risberg says:

    Aimee… I Loved It! You are comical and insightful. I look forward to reading about more things you check off your list. I’m so happy that the book by Donald Miller inspired you! It inspired me as well! I’ll keep passing along the good ones I come across.


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