What’s the A-List?

My bucket list was born in an AP History Class somewhere between the crossing of the Delaware and the Declaration of Independence.  It’s amazing what your 17-year-old mind can dream up when boredom strikes.  I’ve started to make additions to this list every year, on my birthday.

Travel (Domestic)

Participate in a traveling service trip

See the Northern Lights

Visit Niagra Falls

Go to the Grand Canyon (Parts I, II, and III)

Go on a tour of the National Parks in Utah

Find my favorite spot in the whole wide world

Visit All 50 States

Collect Something from all 50 states

Statue of Liberty – see it and climb all the way to the top

Visit Ellis Island 

Eat something delicious from Pikes Place Market in Seattle

Write my name in the sand on the West Coast

Go backpacking in the Rocky Mountains

Be in 4 places at once (four corners, here I come!)

Visit Mount Rushmore

Travel (Abroad)

Visit Greece

Visit the Colosseum in Rome

Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

Climb the Eiffel Tower

Hike to Machu Picchu

Marvel at the Taj Mahal

Walk along the Great Wall of China

Visit Bangkok, Thailand

Visit all countries in the EU

Get a face full of mist from Iguazu Falls

Go on an African Safari

Life Milestone

Graduate from college

Attend my brothers’ college graduation

Find my better half

Marry that person

Own my own home

Own a dog

Find a career that is fulfilling

Tell my best friend she looks beautiful on her wedding day

Go to a school reunion and try not to be as awkward as I am right now



Learn how to not say “Yes” when I really want to say “I would rather wake up with my head stapled to the carpet”

Read the Bible–cover to cover but not all at one time

Chart my family tree

Learn how to cook one thing extremely well (a signature dish if you will)

Read a classic novel (done, but no post)

Create a list of the Top 5 fiction authors that satisfies me.

Learn some of the major constellations

Learn how to make sushi

Always keep up my French

Learn some sign language beyond the alphabet

Learn the Thriller dance

Learn more about heart healthy cooking

Write my Top 5 Movies List that satisfies me

Write my Top 5 Best Healthy Dinner Recipes that satisfies me

Learn more about my Grandparents’ lives firsthand.

Learn how to say “cheers” in 10 different languages.


Run an 8K (done, but no post)

Run a 10K

Run a half-marathon

Try Yoga

Learn a martial art

Complete a sprint triathlon

Put up a wall taller than me (waterskiing)

Learn a proper dance…of the ballroom variety, even if I only ever show it off in front of my bathroom mirror

Go sailing


Ride in a hot air balloon

Go geocaching!

Snow ski and not fall down

Try paddle boarding


Attend at least one major sporting event–the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl, the World Series…

Skinny dip (done, but no post 😉 )

Send a message in a bottle

Write a fan letter to a my current or childhood hero.

Invent a drink and name it after myself

Wine taste — know what kinds I like and which kinds are better left in a dusty cellar

Take one picture and only one picture each day for a week.  Put together a collage.

Be a bartender for a night

Treat myself to a full body massage

Fly a kite

Go a whole week without watching TV

Build a tree house

Carve my initials into a tree

Assemble a pointless collection

Buy/sell shares(done, but no post)

Bury a grudge

Make jam from scratch

Find the best fish tacos.  Ever.

Buy a homeless person a hot meal

Keep in touch with old friends

Always know my neighbors

Grow my own basil/oregano/herbs

Send flowers to my mom for no apparent reason

Overcome a fear (snow skiing, 2014)

Catch, cook, and eat a fish

Contribute to a Wikipedia article (done, for Mark Cuban, no post)

Sleep outside underneath the stars

Write a charity into my will

Find a dang Sonic – they sure have enough commercials up here in the Midwest!

Collect my loose change in a large water bottle and then donate it to charity

Win a contest

Buy a lottery ticket (done, no post)

Write a letter of thanks to a good product/service

Sing Karaoke (done.  21st birthday.  Taylor Swift.  It was awful :D)

Vote (done, no post)

De-clutter.  Get rid of 100 things.

Go on a brewery tour.

Throw a formal New Years’ Eve party

Host a cookie exchange

Go to a wacky festival

Record (after the fact) some of the meaningful conversations I have with strangers.

Launch this blog as my own site

2 Responses to What’s the A-List?

  1. B says:

    You neglected to put meet Jimmy Buffett on your list. Shame on you!


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